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About Heat Yoga

Heat Yoga and Wellness was started in October of 2000 by Shawna Spellman. What began as a completely traditional Bikram Yoga Studio has grown and expanded to include a variety of fun and challenging classes for all skill levels.



When Shawna first began teaching yoga in 1997 she had no idea that she had found her passion and full-time pursuit. Initially she was self-taught from books, including her favorite, Raquel Welch’s Total Beauty and Fitness. Little did she know that the poses and advice she was reading in Welch’s book were the basis of the Bikram beginning yoga series. This would form the basis of Shawna’s path.

After two years of teaching yoga, Shawna began seeing significant changes in her students and in her own well-being. She knew that she had found her calling. So, in February, 1999 Shawna traveled to Los Angeles, California to train with Bikram Choudhury for three months. After a grueling stay, Shawna received her 500 hour certification in Bikram’s method. She spent the rest of 1999 traveling back and forth from Louisville to California, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver in order to gain experience teaching yoga and running a business.

Over the years, Shawna’s personal yoga practice evolved, and she began modifications of the Bikram practice. In an effort to challenge her students, she created a studio that offers a variety of classes and a diverse faculty of certified teachers. And yet, Shawna has never lost sight of her principle that yoga is for everyone—including the people who can’t tolerate the high temperatures and intense discipline that is exclusive to Bikram’s series.




After Shawna discovered her passion for yoga 1997, she began teaching in various yoga and fitness studios in and around Louisville. She even led a bi-weekly class in a Crestwood martial arts center, teaching yoga to parents while their children took karate!

In the year 2000, after receiving her Bikram certification, Shawna was able to open her own hot yoga studio in Crescent Hill. She called it “Bikram’s Yoga College of India Crescent Hill,” based on Bikram’s own recommendation, and began teaching Bikram yoga exclusively. Within a few years, Shawna found herself hunting for a larger space to accommodate her rapidly expanding clientele. After a four-year run in Crescent Hill, Shawna moved her business into St. Matthews.

As hot yoga became more popular in Louisville, the business gained momentum. Shawna was able to open a second location in 2008. Occupying a beautiful loft studio at Theater Square Marketplace in downtown Louisville, the second location offered daily lunchtime, early morning, and after work classes. In 2010 Shawna combined the two locations into one fantastic, state-of-the-art hot yoga studio with a new concept, a new schedule, and new name: Heat Yoga and Wellness.

All of the teachers at Heat Yoga and Wellness are friendly, with professional, yet laid back and lighthearted approaches to hot yoga. This approach is aimed to make the practice fun and accessible for our entire community. Now Heat occupies the upstairs of the old Vogue theater in St. Matthews—part of the second floor wellness center where people can get chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massages, and of course, a session of hot yoga.

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