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3730 Frankfort Ave

Heat Yoga on the Hill is


In order to combat the spread of COVID-19


All Class Packages are also valid at our St. Matthews Louisville Location

Please note the Louisville studio will have much higher humidity and heat. Please make sure you are WELL Hydrated. You may want a change of dry clothes for after class. Changing rooms and showers available.

Located at 3413 Paoli Pike
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

We are excited to bring you the same pristine practice space and high-quality yoga instruction we have offered for 18 years in Louisville to our quaint new space in Floyds Knobs.

This studio will be kept at a warm, comfortable temperature in the mid 80s with moderate humidity. If you have tried Bikram yoga classes and struggled, or if you were turned off by the intense heat, try this cozy, therapeutic warm yoga practice.

Classes will be for all levels. Space is limited in this studio and will be on first come, first served basis.  Please email us for additional details or to inquire about private bookings for individuals and small groups.

We look forward to spreading health and happiness to all of our friends and family in Southern Indiana.


Cash or Check only. Heat Yoga Louisville class packages are not valid at this location.
Enjoy 20% off your first package purchased

$15 drop in

$55 • 4 class package

$100 • 8 class package

includes yoga mat rental with no skid towel & 2 waters or sports drink or coconut water with each class

$20 drop in

$70 • 4 class package

$120 • 8 class package

Class packages expire after 90 days and can not be shared. 20% off discount for veterans and students 12-18 children under 12 not permitted.



10:30-11:30 am : Warm Yoga
6-7 pm : Warm Yoga
10:30-11:30 am : Warm Yoga
6-7 pm : Warm Yoga


10:30-11:30am : Gentle Warm Yoga
9-10 am : Warm Yoga for All Levels
9-10 am : Warm Yoga
Warm Yoga
– All level hatha yoga class. This class will include floor postures, standing work, balancing postures, and breathing exercises.  The format will change with each class. The 60-minute class includes a cool down, with guided meditation, complete with a cold face cloth, scented with organic essential oils. Music accompanies this class. Temperature ranges from 86-88F with moderate humidity. This allows for a comfortable stretch and a nice sweat. Come well hydrated and on a light stomach. 
Bikram Flow
Based on the 26 posture series of the Bikram style of Hot Yoga. This format will have unique sequencing choreographed by Shawna, based on her training with Bikram in Los Angeles in 1999, The Bikram flow class is her personal adaptation of the series based on her 20 years of experience. This format will not change. Expect the same series with each class. The 70 minute class time includes a 5 minute cooldown, complete with cold face cloth scented with organic essential oils. This is an ALL LEVEL CLASS. Come to class well hydrated, on a VERY LIGHT  STOMACH  and ready to work hard. A fantastic class to improve balance, increase stamina and improve your immune system. The temperature will be approx 88F with moderate humidity, allowing a comfortable stretch and nice sweat. this is NOT a traditional, intensely hot Bikram class. 
Warm Yoga for Power
This is an all level yoga class. It will have an emphasis on strength using isometrics, and alignment VS range of motion. This format can include Planks, standing balancing work, as well as a vinyasa, or flowing sequences to increase your cardiovascular endurance. Expect a fun playlist in this energetic hour! as always, we will offer modifications appropriate for all levels and include our signature cool down. You will earn your yummy cold towel in this hour 🙂 86- 88F with moderate humidity. Come well hydrated and on a light stomach. 
Warm Gentle Yoga
Mark your weekly schedule for this sweet, gentle hour! Breathing, floor work, yoga blocks, gentle standing stretches, relaxing music, guided meditation complete with a cold scented facecloth. Whether your brand new or a hardcore yogi, this class is the perfect compliment to any health and wellness regime. Comfortably warm at 86F with moderate humidity. 
Heat Yoga Louisville