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3730 Frankfort Ave

Before you enter the studio (the hot room) we ask you to please observe the following.



Please arrive on time. We suggest you arrive at least 10 minutes before class to set up your space. Please make every effort to arrive on time for classes and be sure to sign in at the front desk before entering the studio.

Changing areas are available for your convenience. Please remove your shoes and leave all of your belongings in the lockers and space provided. Bags and purses are not permitted in the studio.

Dress in cool, comfortable clothes. We recommend shorts or lightweight clothing due to the high temperature in the yoga studio, however, any type of workout wear that you are comfortable in is appropriate. Many women wear capris or stretch leggings and sports bras or tanks. Many men practice wearing only athletic shorts. Clothing that whisks sweat away from the body is ideal. Please do not wear speedos, thongs, or bikinis to your practice.

Shhhhhh. Upon entering the studio, please end conversations and respect the silence of the room.

No electronic noises. Electronic devices are permitted in the studio but must be turned off or placed on silent.

No gum chewing.

No smells – good or bad. This includes perfume cologne, body oils and body odors! Showers are available before class if needed.

Yoga mat and towels are required. You must have a yoga mat, a large towel or 2 bath-size towels. You may not do any postures on the floor. Remember that Yoga mats and clothing will need regular cleaning and replacement. Yoga mats and towels are available for purchase at a variety of locations but you may also rent them for $3 at the front desk.

Water and hand towels. Feel free to keep water bottles and hand towels near your mat by your feet.

What to Do When You’re in Class

Class times vary. Please know the type of class you are attending and plan to stay for the entire session. Inform the teacher or front desk staff if you know you will be leaving early. Remember to respect others’ practice. It can be distracting to the teacher and other students to come in and out when class is in session.

Please inform the instructors of any physical restrictions or injuries so that they may help you modify your practice if need be. Note, if your physician asks that you do not practice yoga, we ask that you follow the guidance of your doctor.

Beginners should set up toward the back of the room. One side of the room in each studio is usually hotter than the other. Any of our staff members will gladly recommend a place for you to set up.

DO NOT USE WALLS OR MIRRORS TO BALANCE. If your teacher determines you need to modify balancing postures they will instruct you where to stand. Please keep sweaty paws off the walls because it ruins the paint and makes cleaning very difficult.

Be mindful of your neighbors’ space and others’ view of the mirror. Do not set up your space directly in front of another student. If you have any trouble, please ask the instructor for help. Please also remember to be as accommodating as possible during full classes.

Please note that yoga is about nonviolence and non-competition with yourself or others. No one will watch or judge you during class.We ask that you do not push yourself beyond where your body or mind are ready to be.

After your practice, be quick with your showers if others are waiting.

Enjoy the good feelings and energy you take with you. Show compassion to yourself and others and enjoy your practice. We want you to obtain the stamina so that you may come again the next day! We suggest you commit to practicing at least three times per week. Regardless if you come daily, once a week or you drop in when possible, you will always be welcome at Heat! We have worked hard to provide a variety of classes and class times to accommodate most anyone’s schedule.

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